#BO Portuguese Water Dog

BO Portuguese Water DogBO is the family pet dog of Barack Obama. People in the White House called it: "White House First Dog". Bo is a Portuguese Water Dog. Portuguese Water Dog is classified by the American Kennel Cub as working dogs. Portuguese Water Dog originated from Portuguese territory. In breeding, they are taught to herd fish into the nets of fishermen, take the damaged nets, and act as a courier.

Portuguese Water Dog is a rare dog breed. Because of its soft coat, then the Portuguese Water Dog is often regarded as a type of hypoallergenic dog. Hypoallergenic dogs are generally used to refer to a type of dog (or mulatto) that can make people allergic. However, there is no scientific evidence to claim that the Portuguese Water Dog is a hypoallergenic dog.

Portuguese Water Dog is a very good friend. They are friendly, intelligent, obedient, skilled, and agile. They are generally friendly toward strangers. Because of his intelligence, they require intensive training and mental challenges. Boredom can cause them to act destructively.