May 22, 2012

What Different Dog Barks Mean

What Different Dog Barks Mean If you are a dog person, you probably know that sometimes dogs barking as they try to talk to us. But, what do they say? It is always a mystery.

Wolves bark when threatened or as an alarm. It is believed that although dogs are descended from wolves, but dogs bark for different reasons. One study showed that dog barking is nothing more than manifestations of adolescent behavior.

Here is some information about different types of dog barks that I collected from the internet:

  • Dogs bark as a warning. A low growl and ferocious, then increased to bark louder.
  • Dogs bark as an alarm. This may occur when the dogs cannot see the source of strange sounds they hear.
  • Dogs barking when playing. Dogs usually bark while having fun.
  • Dogs bark when they need something. Dogs bark when they need things like food or attention.

Although the dogs bark for different reasons, but trained dogs can be ordered to bark.

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