Mar 12, 2012

External Ear Infection In Dogs

External Ear Infection In DogsExternal Otitis (external ear infection) in dogs known as inflammation of the ear canal (with or without infection). This can be showed when the dog started shaking his head constantly and scratch his ears.

There are several factors why otitis develop in some dogs, some of which are factors such as: shape of the ear, systemic disease (eg: hormone imbalance), and environmental factors. Factors such as these usually are not directly the cause of ear problems in dogs. However, there are also certain factors that can exacerbate ear problems. These include bacteria as a fundamental cause.

To keep your dog from otitis, you will need to consult with your veterinarian to focus on finding out what the main cause. In most cases there is usually an underlying allergy such as: food, environment, or both. However, other factors such as hormonal imbalances can also be a major cause. As a Dog Lover, you will certainly benefit from a routine inspection of your dog's ears. Inspect and clean your dog's ears regularly (once or twice a week) to avoid a worsening infection.

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