Jul 22, 2009

MckLinky Picture Caption

MckLinky Picture CaptionAs I wrote on my previous post, today I will give a test for MckLinky Picture Caption and see how it works. So now, please help me to test it by giving a caption suggestion about picture above.

Image: Eukanuba

Or use the form below to leave your caption suggestion:


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All HTML is stripped out.
Enter your blog URL or leave blank if you don't want to be credited for this caption
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  1. Hey great idea, I think you should do a monthly caption comp.

  2. Hey D...you members comment area was not connecting this morning so I will leave my comment here..
    I downloaded Zemanta...have not used it yet...just wanted to let you know that I have indeed downloaded it from your link :)

  3. @ Matt. Will think about it Matt, thanks :)

    @ Dorothy. The members comment area is now working ~D~ :)

  4. Hey D...I did not post your last award because you specifically said you were adding another and to wait for it....did I read that wrong?
    Let me know so I can post the one you had previously:)

  5. @ Dorothy. No, absolutely not. Now you can grab all awards because you deserve to have them :) Thanks ~D~.


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