Jul 20, 2009

MckLinky A Simple Link List Widget

MckLinkyMckLinky is a widget that allows you to create a list of links / blogroll on your blog. This is a useful tool and easy to use. You can use this widget in various ways, such as list of your friend's blogs or as a blogroll for your blog.

You only need to register for an account. Copy and paste the code into your blog / blog post, or wherever you want it to appear and that is it. You are done.
But if your blog does not allow you to put Javascript or if you choose to have your link list appears on a separate page, they also provide a simple HTML code to put into your blog. Each link can be edited or deleted using the User Dashboard on their site.

That is an easy way to link up to blogs and MckLinky did a great job to gives people a chance to interact with other through their widget.

Check out my new Magical Links powered by MckLinky here.

* For the next post, I will test MckLinky Picture Caption feature (where the readers can leave caption suggestions about an image) and see how it works. So, stay tuned!
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  1. thanks for the info. time for me to try it

  2. Berkunjung.... numpang baca2 artikelnya sambil bersilaturahmi dengan sobat bloggerrr,web/blognya oke banget :) Tukeran link yuk.. :)

  3. @ Blog. Yup, no problem :)

    @ Daniel. Sure, just put my link on your blog then put your link here:

    - http://dedeandro.blogspot.com/2008/10/magical-links.html


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