Nov 8, 2012

Dog Sports

Dog Sports are sports activities for dogs, or sporting activities involving dogs. There are many types of sports for dogs, the most common are:

  • - Agility Competition. Dog agility is a sport where a handler directs a dog through the obstacles in the race of time, and accuracy. Dogs run with or without a leash. Consequently, the handler takes control of dog movement.
  • - Catching Ball. In this competition, dogs compete in catching the ball (in catching the ball, the dog can use a free style). This sport allows the dog and handler to work together.
  • - Jump Competition. This is a dog sport where dogs compete for longest distance jump, or jump the highest distance. Techniques, a dog jumps at the end of the line. Dogs that have the farthest leap, or has the highest jump is the winner.
  • - Dog Racing. Dogs chasing bait on the track until they reach the finish line. Dogs who arrived first is the winner.
  • - Tracking. Tracking is the practice of looking for something, usually looking for the hidden ball.
  • - Fashion Shows. Fashion show is a kind of dog show where the judges evaluate how attractive attributes that are worn by the dog. It can be challenging, because the assessment must be objective.

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