Sep 18, 2012

Basic Dog Training

Basic Dog TrainingBasic Dog Training is one of the most important step you can take to ensure a strong bond between you and your dog, as well as for the safety of your own pet dog. The "sit" command is one of the first commands that you should teach to your dog, because most of the other commands will start from a sitting position. For example the "stay", "heel", and "down" commands is usually given after the dog is in a sitting position. In combination with the reality, the "sit" command is one of the most frequently used commands to your dog. There may be many reasons why the "sit" command is needed in training. So, by teaching your dog the "sit" command is a good start to begin training.

Basic training for dogs is not just about your dog that does what you instructed, but it is about bonding with your dog, which makes your dog happy to please you. This in turn will make the owners happy with their dog for behaving well, so build a stronger bond between dog and owner. Trained dogs are safe, healthy dogs that showed no signs of aggression. In the end, this basic training will make you, your family and your dog happy.

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