Jul 6, 2012

Facebook Timeline Things You Need To Know

Facebook Timeline Things You Need To KnowFacebook has announced a new profile feature, called "Facebook Timeline" which allows the user's friends to see their most important content of all of their time on Facebook. Facebook Timeline can be filtered to show: only new content, content from a year ago, or from a few years all on one page. Users can also set up a big cover image appears at the top of their timeline, and even expand the panel or remove content they want displayed or hidden.

Facebook will automatically select the content to show in the Timeline based on 'likes', and comments. To edit the Timeline, users can browse to see the hidden updates or look through a personal activity log. They can then choose to make certain updates seen by friends in the Timeline.

With Timeline, you have room for all the great stories you have shared. They do not just disappear when you add new things. Timeline wider than your old profile, and it's much more visual. That's entirely up to you to choose the item you want to put here. When you scroll down, you will see your posts, photos and live events as they occur in real time. You can choose what to display on your timeline. You can mark your favorite to show or hide something.

Facebook Timeline has been launched for quite some time ago. Users who want to learn more about the Timeline can register at: Facebook Timeline.

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