Apr 15, 2012

WordLinx - Another Way To Make Money Online

WordLinx - Another Way To Make Money OnlineWordLinx is pay per click advertising system that pays its members to click on the link and visit the advertiser's site. WordLinx running on a simple system. Advertisers pay members to visit their website for a specific amount of time.

Payments to visit a website is not much, just $ 0.01 to $ 0.02 USD per click for each website visited. The more sites visited, the more money will be accepted. There is no limit to click ads, and only takes a few minutes of your day to click on ads. There is also a referral system where members can make more money through commissions from their down line. Yes, it's as simple as that.

You must have at least ten dollar on your accumulated WordLinx account before you can request to cash out. It may take some time to get cash out, but if you get more referrals (large and active down line) then you will be able to cash out in time. They offer payment through PayPal.

WordLinx seems to have built a good reputation among the people who want to earn some extra cash. Although WordLinx not promise to make people rich, but I think that WordLinx is a secure site to use. At the very least, I will get some extra pocket money.

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