Mar 27, 2012

Hits4Pay Advertising Network

Hits4Pay Advertising NetworkHits4Pay is internet advertising network that allows you to make money online and earn money online with ease. The advertisers in Hits4Pay willing to pay you for reading their promotional emails and visiting their website.

Well, there are many paid to read programs out there and they all offer virtually the same opportunities and incentives. The way Hits4Pay works is by connecting advertisers with audiences (people who are looking for ways to generate revenue through the internet). They do this by paying members for every email they read and for every ad they click. As a member, you will receive at least about two to three emails per day. The email ad did not go to your email address, but only an email alert sent to your email address.

In Hits4Pay, most people focus on the referral. In my experience, the recruitment of new members is the hardest part. I've talked to several members of the Hits4Pay, and they also found it difficult to recruit new members.

Hits4Pay Advertising Network From talking to colleagues and other members, I conclude that Hits4Pay is not a fraudulent site. You will not get rich with this site (especially without referrals), as it will take time to cash out. At the very least, Hits4Pay can help you get extra pocket money. If you join for a free account today, Hits4Pay will give you a five dollar bonus directly into your account.

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