Mar 10, 2012

Google Plus Tab For Facebook Pages

Google Plus Tab For Facebook Pages If you feel tired to open Google Plus every time just to check for updates, then there is an application that may be suitable for you. This is known as the Google Plus Tab For Facebook Pages. This application lets you automatically import your Google Plus streaming to the Facebook Page and this application can even easily take any Google Plus public stream or feed to your Facebook Page tab.

To run this application, you first have to decide what Facebook Page you want to add. You only need to enter your Google and Facebook account login details. Next, you need your Google Plus Profile ID, which is contained in the URL of your Google Plus. Copy and paste the code into the Admin Settings.

Then you will be asked how much activity you wish to view. Five or ten might be the perfect number for you. Once completed, this tab will display the most recent posts from your Google Plus. If you want to reconfigure the settings, you can easily click the Admin Settings button in the upper right of your tab.

Let's see an example of Google Plus Tab For Facebook Pages on my fan page by clicking the following link:

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