Feb 27, 2012

YouTube For Facebook Pages

YouTube For Facebook PagesYouTube is the place to create, watch, find, share and shape the world through video. The platform consists of the largest video sharing community in the world today. Many people have their videos on YouTube, but they also want to promote their videos on the Facebook Fan Page. Some people have tried to embed video on Facebook walls manually, but this is less effective. I found a Facebook application that might actually be able to help you, this is called YouTube For Facebook Pages.

YouTube for Facebook Pages is a Facebook application that allows users to send, publish, manage their favorite videos and YouTube links to their Facebook page. Even this application can manage not only your favorite videos from YouTube. This will add a tab to your page. You can use this application to decide which ones will be published on your wall or on YouTube tab on your page (control entirely in your hands).

This application makes it easy to send video straight to your social network by incorporating your YouTube channel as a tab on your Facebook page. The application also provides an interactive forum where fans can comment, share and subscribe to all your video content.

Let's see an example of YouTube for Facebook Pages tabs on my fan page by clicking the following link:


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