Dec 5, 2011

About.Me Page

About.Me Page Many of us have multiple online profiles scattered in a variety of services, including popular social networking sites such as: Google Plus, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. One problem we often face is how to gather all this information together in one single identity (whether it's for personal use, or for a professional online profile).

There is a service that you might like, About.Me. As a site that offers a simple platform that connects multiple online identities and relevant external sites, About.Me allows you to quickly build dynamic personal profile pages that are visually simple and elegant to show visitors your content from around the web. About.Me looks make this service as simple as possible and do it with a beautiful view. It is characterized by great artistic background image on each profile page, as well as a brief biography that allows you to write all about you.

Click the link below to go to my profile on About.Me:

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