Feb 11, 2012

Fan Page Apps For Facebook

Fan Page Apps For Facebook If you are looking for way to build community and fans of your Facebook, there is a Facebook application that I think is useful to improve your page and can deliver more value to your community, Fan of the Week for Facebook Pages.

Fan of the Week for Facebook Pages is very easy to use. Some may already be familiar with this application, but for those who have not used it, it is worth a try. This application tracks participation on your Facebook page and then automatically post an update about your fan of the week. This application also add custom tab to your sidebar that displays the Fan of the Week on your page. This application is free for the basic account.

To add it to your page, just go to:

Fan of the Week for Facebook Pages (if you have added this application, please go to the sidebar of your page to edit the settings)

Choose a page where you want to add this application. This application will be automatically posted to the wall of your pages at the same time every week.

This application is very helpful to motivate and get more comments, posts, 'likes', fans so they can participate to your Facebook page, as well as encourage everyone to participate more.

Please check my Facebook Dog Lovers Page to see how this application works.

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