Feb 28, 2012

Oldest Dog In The World

Australian Cattle DogAging in dogs depends on the type and size. Smaller dogs usually live for 15 to 16 years old, medium and large sized dogs usually ten to 13 years, and some giant breeds of dogs often only seven to eight years.

Australian Cattle Dog is a breed of dog live the longest ever recorded: 7 June 1910 - 14 November 1939 (29 years)

Feb 27, 2012

YouTube For Facebook Pages

YouTube For Facebook PagesYouTube is the place to create, watch, find, share and shape the world through video. The platform consists of the largest video sharing community in the world today. Many people have their videos on YouTube, but they also want to promote their videos on the Facebook Fan Page. Some people have tried to embed video on Facebook walls manually, but this is less effective. I found a Facebook application that might actually be able to help you, this is called YouTube For Facebook Pages.

YouTube for Facebook Pages is a Facebook application that allows users to send, publish, manage their favorite videos and YouTube links to their Facebook page. Even this application can manage not only your favorite videos from YouTube. This will add a tab to your page. You can use this application to decide which ones will be published on your wall or on YouTube tab on your page (control entirely in your hands).

This application makes it easy to send video straight to your social network by incorporating your YouTube channel as a tab on your Facebook page. The application also provides an interactive forum where fans can comment, share and subscribe to all your video content.

Let's see an example of YouTube for Facebook Pages tabs on my fan page by clicking the following link:


Feb 25, 2012

ClixSense Paid To Click Ads

ClixSense Paid To Click AdsClixSense is one of the online make money sites (paid to click advertising) which allows you to earn revenue from just browsing and clicking on ads from corporate sponsors. Members will get paid to click ads, and to view the web site (at least for three to ten seconds), while advertisers have multiple advertising options at affordable prices.

ClixSense Paid To Click Ads There are many other programs out there that operate like ClixSense, but mostly bringing consumers to many complaints and negative feedback. Until now, I think that ClixSense is a safe site to use. Personally, I have no problem with this site. I hope this site will continue to do well. Overall, ClixSense seems to have a better reputation.

Although somewhat late, but I will try to monitor this site. If anyone wants to share the experience with this site, please feel free to leave a comment.

Feb 13, 2012

Costumes For Dogs

Costumes For Dogs As you know, dogs are human companions, and they are also the family best friend. Today, costumes are not just for humans. Dressing up the family pet dog has become more and more popular lately. Costume for your dog is no less important than your costume. Dog costume lets your pet dog to be a fun part of your life.

Costumes For DogsCostumes For DogsCostumes For DogsCostumes For DogsCostumes For Dogs There are many types of costumes for your dog. This costume is very easy to find in pet stores. It will also make your dog look beautiful and look more attractive. Different sizes of dogs, have a different costume too. If you're trying to find ideas for a costume for your dog, here I have compiled some costume ideas for dogs that can be your consideration:

Costumes For DogsCostumes For DogsCostumes For DogsCostumes For DogsCostumes For Dogs

Feb 11, 2012

Fan Page Apps For Facebook

Fan Page Apps For Facebook If you are looking for way to build community and fans of your Facebook, there is a Facebook application that I think is useful to improve your page and can deliver more value to your community, Fan of the Week for Facebook Pages.

Fan of the Week for Facebook Pages is very easy to use. Some may already be familiar with this application, but for those who have not used it, it is worth a try. This application tracks participation on your Facebook page and then automatically post an update about your fan of the week. This application also add custom tab to your sidebar that displays the Fan of the Week on your page. This application is free for the basic account.

To add it to your page, just go to:

Fan of the Week for Facebook Pages (if you have added this application, please go to the sidebar of your page to edit the settings)

Choose a page where you want to add this application. This application will be automatically posted to the wall of your pages at the same time every week.

This application is very helpful to motivate and get more comments, posts, 'likes', fans so they can participate to your Facebook page, as well as encourage everyone to participate more.

Please check my Facebook Dog Lovers Page to see how this application works.

Feb 9, 2012

NeoBux - Paid To Click Services Innovation

NeoBux - Paid To Click Services InnovationNeoBux deliver new business solutions on the internet. They specialize in Paid To Click service. As I quote from Wikipedia, Paid To Click is an online business model that provide traffic to advertisers. This traffic comes from people aiming to earn money from home.

NeoBux is one of the many types of Paid To Click programs on the internet today. The way you make money on this site is very simple. As a member, you simply click on the link, then visit the advertiser's website, wait for a certain period, and that is it. You will get paid and earn money just by browsing their sponsor ads. Not only that, if you refer others to join this site, then you will get money when they click the ads on their website.

I would recommend this site to people who like Paid To Click sites as a way to make money. My experiences with this site are not many. I recently joined and have not reached the minimum payment. My biggest problem is, I usually do not have time to click every day so I have difficulties to reach the payout. If you can be patient enough to earn a few dollars or more a month, then I say that this site is worth a try.

You do not have to pay to start earning. If you are interested, register now and start earning money.

Feb 7, 2012

Portland Snow Globe

Portland Snow Globe

Portlandia is a television show that debuted on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) on January 21, 2011. The event was produced by Andrew Singer and Jonathan Krisel. It is set and filmed in and near Portland, Oregon.

Feb 3, 2012

ImageShack Syndicate Widget

ImageShack offers: free photo upload, photo sharing, video sharing, image hosting, and video hosting, where you can share them with friends and family.