Jan 25, 2012

Facebook Ramnit Worm

Facebook Ramnit Worm According to security firm Seculert, reported that there is a computer worm that has stolen tens of thousands of login account from Facebook. The culprit is a well-known malware, dubbed Ramnit. Ramnit steal the victim's Facebook account credentials to then send a malicious link to friends of the victim, so malware can spread more quickly. Ramnit is described as, theft of sensitive information such as login credentials and browser cookies.

Basically, there are some things that maybe you can do to minimize the potential impact of this malware, and to keep your account data safe:

Give more attention to the address for the site you enter before you login. It is clearly stated in your browser's address box.
Do not use the same password for more than one social networking service. This is bad when the attackers, easily login to your account using the same credentials.
Think twice when clicking the link out of your social networking services.

Anyone can be infected with malware. Therefore, security experts warn for Facebook users who are worried that they have been infected by malware is to run anti-virus software and anti-malware on their computers.

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