Jan 31, 2011

Google Sitelinks

Google Sitelinks Many people are reporting seeing Google PageRank and Google Sitelinks update. You also may have noticed that some search results include a set of links below them to pages within the site. Therefore, I thought it would be a good time to post about Google Sitelinks.

Google Sitelinks

Google Sitelinks is the links shown below some sites on the first page in Google search results. The site links are intended to help visitors navigate your site and allow them to find quickly the information they are looking for.

According to Google, Sitelinks are generated automatically. I suspect that they are generated based on link popularity of internal and external pages. So, when Google think that the links would be useful and relevant to the visitors, then those links will be displayed on Google search results.

You are advised to use text links, because text-based links are easily found by search engines, and make sure that important page links can be found on the homepage. With a good link structure, your site can be indexed easily by Google search engine.

Jan 24, 2011


Wikipedia Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia built collaboratively using wiki software. Wikipedia articles written collaboratively by volunteers around the world. Anyone can write and make changes to Wikipedia articles.

Now, Wikipedia has become the most popular reference and reliable sources on the Internet. Anyone can re-distribute the content of Wikipedia (both online and offline outside of the Wikipedia website) at no charge.

Wikipedia is continuously created and updated, with articles on historical events appearing within days, rather than weeks or months.

Jan 17, 2011

Adgitize Publisher Payment December 2010

Adgitize Publisher Payment Once again, Adgitize fulfilled its promise to the active publishers:

Adgitize sent me $16,51 USD

Note from Adgitize:

Thank you for being a Publisher / Affiliate in the Adgitize Ad Network. This is payment for December 2010 Affiliate services and / or accumulated months as a publisher showing Adgitize Ads. Thank you, Ken Brown, Adgitize
Adgitize Publisher Payment December 2010

For those who do not know, there are some easy ways to get more points in Adgitize:

  • Write an article on your blog about whatever you want (make sure you have added your blog's RSS feed in the system).
  • Click on ads in the Adgitize ad network until you reach 100 points.
  • Placing Adgitize widgets on your blog correctly to earn ad view points and page views points.
  • Become an Advertiser (for an additional 100 points) and a Preferred Publisher (for extra ten points).
  • Participating in Adgitize Forum.

For further benefit, you can join Adgitize now!

Jan 10, 2011

Alexa Site Info

Alexa Site Info There are many services that can be accessed on the Internet to support online business. One of the important services which you can use is Alexa Site Info (Alexa is owned by Amazon).

Alexa Site Info provides information about websites, including internet traffic statistics, related links, online reviews and search analytics. It is designed for interactive web navigation system. It collects information from users who have installed the Alexa toolbar, and provide them with statistics on web site traffic, popularity and lists of related sites. This service will provide specific information about the website.

Review dedeandro.blogspot.com on alexa.com

Alexa Site Info also tracks how people use the Internet and make that information into ranking statistics for every site on the Internet. Alexa traffic ranking will show how popular the site is, while the search analytics will show you, what terms you used to get traffic.

Jan 3, 2011

Windows Live Profile

Windows Live Profile Windows Live Profile is a place for everything about you on the web. Keeping your personal information remains up to date, control your privacy, and connect with your friends on the web and other online services.

Windows Live Profile helps identify you when friends want to add you to their messenger list or their email contacts. Just by filling in one place, you can easily stay up-to-date.

Windows Live Profile allows you to choose exactly with whom and what you want to share. The privacy settings allows you to control your personal information, or allow certain friends or specific groups permissions to see your stuff. Set permissions for each of your contacts so you can easily check what information others can see about you.

In Windows Live, you can connect other services to your profile to keep in touch with all your friends, so you can see what you share with others, and what your friends say about you.

You can manage all the people you know or all your contacts, and you can easily add friends or import contacts from other email programs, social networking, and online services such as Facebook and MySpace only in one place.