Aug 21, 2009

How Old Is Old Tag 2009

How Old Is Old Tag 2009One of my new blogger friends in blogosphere, Cathara, will celebrate her 25th birthday on October 13. She is holding a blog contest, and I have been tagged. The contest is called 'How Old Is Old'. This tag is to encourage people to share opinions about 'When someone is considered as old'. You also have a chance to win $25 via PayPal.

Here's how to participate:

* Blog about 'How Old Is Old'. It should be at least 50 words.
* Your post must contain a link back to her post.
* Tag at least five people and let them know about it.
* Subscribe to her blog feed and do links exchange with her.
* Let her know that you entered this contest by leaving a link to your post on her blog comment section.

Visit her blog for more information on this tag rules.

In my opinion, someone is considered as old when the person reach about the age of 65. Because many people retire in this age and have already got white hair. Sometimes this is considered as the start of old age. But this does not mean that people in this age is considered as old, because many people are still active in this age. Confusing, huh?

Yeah, because I really do not know exactly how old is old. So now, I will tag the following bloggers to share their opinions on this:

I do not know whether this post will meets the criteria of the contest or not. But here, I just try to participate.

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  1. Hi D,

    Thanks for tagging me. I'll upload a blog entry some time tomorrow. When is the deadline for this? Hehe, I'm interested mainly because I'll be able to meet new people.. and get a chance to win $25.. Nyahaha!

    Check back to my blog soon.. And oh, I hope you noticed my new entries.. Hehe.. :) Thanks again..


  2. hey, thanks for joining:) one more question though, did you already subscribe to my feeds? heheh... but i like how you wrote this one.we almost thought the same age, 65:D i just wonder if were still blogging then:P

    to angel: would love if yould join!:D you still got a lot of time, my contest would run up to oct 12th:D

  3. @ Dick. Yup, not a problem Dick. Take your time. The deadline was answered by Chatara above :)

    @ Cathara. Just added and subscribe your feed via :)


  5. Thanks D.. I already made an entry for this.. :)

  6. Old is when we feel everybody is younger than us ??

    Interesting contest theme. Let me review it, I will participate after I can answer to myself "how old am I" ...

  7. Thanks for tagging me. You have a good entry. For my post I'll just try to analyze first if how old is old. I'll let you know if I'm ready for this thought. Thanks anyway for your thought.

  8. wah gak paham bahasa inggris. yaudah salam kenal aja

  9. @ Mohd. So what! LOL

    @ Angel. Thanks for the post :)

    @ Bellar, Hopeful. Hey, thanks :) You can participate if you are ready.

    @ Alif. So why don't you leave your message on my blog shoutbox?


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