Jun 18, 2009

The Best Follower Award 2009

The Best Follower AwardOnce again, Lily gives me another award. This is the third award this month. It's called, The Best Follower Award. Many thanks to Lily for giving me this best award.
The rules:
- Put the logo in your blog post.
- Invite ten people to take this award.
- Let them know by leaving a message on their blogs.
- Do not forget to link back to the person who gave the award.
- Share the link love to those who get this award.
I want to pass this award to my last commenters:
Ian, IHSAN, Iceah, Nur Kholiq, THE BLUEST BUTTERFLY, Schizoshrink, Bahry's Blog, Friendz, Devianty, and Bingkee.
Feel free to grab this award.


  1. Hi dear Dede Andro,
    Thanks for visiting me and thanks for posting all the Awards. Hope we will have more new blogger friends and not forgetting the exiting friends.

    Latest good new,I'm sure whether you're aware that my blog was chosen as the best blog for this week and featured at SlogBite. If you come to my blog again, just click at my blue SB batch with wording "SlogBite Featured Site" ok?

    Have a good day. Cheers, see you again soon ...

  2. Correction: .. latest good news I'm not sure whether you're aware.....

  3. another great thanks for this award!!! ;) thanks for being really thoughtful.... ;) Godbless!!

  4. @ Lily. Yeah, I hope so Lil. More friends = more traffic. I've read it Lil, congratulations! That's a great news.

    @ Schizoshrink. You are most welcome, take care :)

  5. congrat for award, and thank you for award, iwill grab this award...thank you...

  6. I hope i will be best follower 09 and i can accept the rules

  7. waw....

    nice design of the award....

    i hope ican get it =)

    please visiting me @
    Cara Belajar

  8. congratz for the award, Meanwhile thanks for thw award too....
    have a nice day

  9. Oh I missed this. Thanks so much for passing this award to me. I shall post it soon this week. :-)

  10. @ Devi. Thanks for grabbing it Dev :)

    @ Study, Cara. You may grab it if you want :)

    @ Friendz, Bingkee. You are most welcome. Wish you a very positive day :)


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