May 26, 2009

Interesting Blog Award 2009

Interesting Blog
Woohoo, another award for my blog. This is the second award given by Lily (one of my friends in the blogosphere). Bingkee, my new friend on blogosphere, also passed this award to me. This award is called Interesting Blog Award. Thank you to Lily and Bingkee for nominating me in this award.

There are no rules in this award. So now, I will pass this award to (if you have received this award, please give it to others):
Dorothy L, Idotkontji, AgentPX, Gossip, Schizoshrink, Devianty, Blogangel, Angga Weblog, About Law, and Jojo.
Once again, anyone who have not received this award, do not hesitate to take or grab it. Thank you for this great award, appreciated much.


  1. Congrats. I pass it to you coz you deserve it . Your blog is always refreshing and interesting. I always find it interesting where I always learn something.

  2. Awards ! Awards ! Awards !
    Good Times are here to stay....hurraayyy !!!

  3. Cangrat for award and so thank you i will grab your award

  4. Thanks for the award. Sure I'll grab this award :)
    Success for you

  5. :) Huggz D......I was in here and did not even notice you passing the award to
    I was more interested in checking out other subjects on your blog...duh:p

    Thank you so much again for your very sweet thoughts in choosing my blog:)

  6. @ Bingkee. Thank you so much :)

    @ Hobo. Thanks Hobo :)

    @ Devi. Thanks for grabbing this award :)

    @ Brand, Photoshop. Thanks for your feedback.

    @ Angga. Glad to hear that. More success for you too :)

    @ Dorothy. Ha ha, what kind of subjects D, LOL. Your blog deserve to have it D. :)

  7. Thank you. Great blog and I will definitely grab this award. Awesome!

  8. Hi! Dede Andro,

    Glad to see that you are moving so well with the two Award. In facr, I received another one, will post soon and will include your name.

    Have a great week. Cheers

  9. hey thanks much for the award! your blog deserves it!!! =)

  10. wow. That was cool! I believe you deserved it!

  11. You just have recieved an award from me, check out my blog for details, congrats !!!

  12. udah dikerjain oom.. thx lots pokok'e...

  13. @ Little. You're awesome :)

    @ Lily. Wow, award again?

    @ Schizoshrink. You are most welcome :)

    @ Melayu. Thank you :)

    @ Mee. I'll check it out today.

    @ Idot. Langsung ke TKP Om :D


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