Mar 4, 2009

Top Commenters February 2009

Top Commenters February 2009I want to give a warm thank you to those who leave comments on my blog, they are:
Idotkontji, Lily Arbee, Dorothy L, Hobo, Dry Cell Battery, Sandy, GAGAY, AaLiL, Babette and Lyla.
I have removed NoFollow tags on the entire blog, so you will get a link back.

Congratulations to Idotkontji for being a very Top Commenter February 2009!

Thank you to all for being part of DedeAndro™ community! Happy commenting but please do not spam! Cheers.

Image: Flann4


  1. OH my gosh... it is the most gorgeous thing i have got.. ever... Thx Dedeandro..

    Keep posting dude.. (Dude Herlino..??) :D

  2. whew! so am there! thank you dede for the recognition..hoping that you too can park at my site and share some thoughts too!

  3. ideas/comments are indeed what we're asking/looking for, be it either good or bad, coz these can surely make us realize which aspects do we need to change or improve.. :)

  4. @ Idot. Enjoy the link friend. Dude Herlino? Wekekekek.. LOL :D

    @ Babette, GAGAY. You are most welcome. Indeed, I already did. If I found the articles that interest me, I will leave comments, suggestions, or feedback. Thank you for your feedback anyway.

  5. I think Dede as handsome as Dude Herlino... :D

    Success for ur blog my friend...

  6. @ Idot. Wekekekekek.. You make me laugh a lot.. ha ha.. Once again.. thanks Idot. Success for your blog too!


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