Mar 11, 2009

Friendly Blogger Award 2009

Friendly Blogger Award 2009Well, I got an award again. This award is called: "Friendly Blogger Award 2009". I got this award from: seira 277.
The rules are:
1. Take your latest picture.
2. Take your picture as natural as possible.
3. Post your picture on your blog.
4. Post the rules as well.
5. Tag 10 people to do the same as above.
Since I have a problem with my computer last week (my computer was struck by a lightning), so I cannot take any pictures. I am sorry, this time I break the rules. However, if you want to see my pictures, you can go to my Friendster account here.

Now, I am going to give this award to my top commenters. They are:
Idotkontji, Dorothy L, Lily Arbee, Hobo, GAGAY, Dry Cell Battery, Sandy, AaLiL, Babette and Lyla.


  1. woooooooooooooooooooh!>!>!

    dede, are you tagging me?!?! wooooooooooh! is the GAGAY there means ME!?!? lol! you haven't pinged me yet..hahah!

    i need to be pinged yet before taking this if this really am! wahahahha! CRAZY me!

  2. Congrats ! Congrats ! Congrats !

  3. Hi! Thanks very much for this Award. I will follow up accordingly real soon. In the meantime, I will grab this Award and paste it at my sidebar. And I will post the rule as well.


  4. hohoh... thanks for award... haduh, buanyak PeEr neh saya... mudah2an jika ada umur dan kesempatan saya kerjakan... thanks bgt mas..

  5. Oom Dede.. itu nama saya bukan? Hehehe.. seumur2 belum pernah ada yang nge-tag saya atas reward ini.. Gimana tuh rules-nya.. pake bahasa indonesia aja deh ya.. takut salah ngartiin.. plz...

  6. Ahhhh....D...thank you so very much. You are a real sweet heart. It is an award just visiting here and having you pop into my blog just about every day.
    Again thank you!

  7. Hmm, let me check your Friendster. LOL I hope it isn't in private mode. :o)
    Thanks for this Dedeandro!

  8. @ Sandy. You are welcome :)

    @ GAGAY. Yes, I'm tagging you dear :)

    @ Hobo. You may grab the award Hobo :)

    @ Lily. Thank you Lily :)

    @ Aa. Iya, kapan aja kalo sempet yah :)

    @ Idot. Yup, tuh buat Idot. Rules-nya:
    1. Ambil foto yang paling baru.
    2. Berfotonya (halah) yang natural / alami. Ga usah dandan.. Wekekekekek.
    3. Posting foto kamu di blog (tanpa di edit)..
    4. Posting aturan diatas.
    5. Tag ke 10 temen yang friendly (halah) sapa aja deh!

    @ Dorothy. You are most welcome D. Glad you accept this award :)

    @ Babette. Yes, sure Babette. It's not in private :)

  9. I cant grab friends award. That is for you.

  10. hola dede! haven't grabbed the tag yet..promise to grab this this march..i will just make it as one all the tags.kay!?!

    wooooooooooh! happy patrick's day to you!!! no TCM here?? see u at my two parks.. take care!!!

  11. @ Hobo. But now, I give this award to you :)

    @ Deejay. Thanks! :)

    @ GAGAY. It's OK. Do this only if you have time :)

  12. hola dede!!! just posted the awards..come visit it..thank you anyway for this..

  13. @ GAGAY. Thanks GAGAY, will visit your blog after this :)

  14. Oalah disin ya award yang ada namaku... kemarin udah ke sini mau ambil tp gak ketemu2, maklum IM2 nya lalgi dudul banget... super lelet.... Ok deh aku ambil ya sekalian aku posting jg. Makasih ya... jangan marah lho heheh telat ambilnya :)

    wah gak bisa komen pake name dan URL ini cuma ada login blogger, aku pake WP self hosting gak bisa komen...

    Jadi aku tulis aja ya mau aku posting di krn namaku pake URL itu :)



  15. @ Diary. Maap mbak, kemaren sempet saya restrict commnet-nya for registered only, tapi sekarang udah saya buka lagi kok :) He he, makasih udah mo ambil awardnya :)


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