Jul 12, 2014

Our New Baby

Made Diandra Kusuma
Dinda Dera

Babies are wonderful. They can wake you up at night. They made ​​a lot of dirty diapers. They can not talk, walk, or go to the bathroom like you do. Therefore, they require so much care and love that he or she needs.

It can be fun to have a new baby in the house, but it can be tiring as well. By the way, let us introduce our baby:

Name: Made Diandra Kusuma (Dinda Dera)
Date of Birth: Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 21:25
Birth weight: 3,435 kg
Birth length: 48 cm
Gender: Female

Made (name) /ma-de/, a name used by the Balinese people of Bali, Indonesia. Since the majority Balinese are Hindus, so most of the names are using Sanskrit. Made is the name for a second child. The name "Made" is rooted in the word "Madya", which means the middle. Variants for the name "Made" is "Kadek". But some areas in Bali tend to use the name "Nengah" for a second child.

Diandra (name) /di-an-dra/, a name that has meaning divine, beauty, swiftness, and protector of mankind. People with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others, and to share views on spiritual matters, as well as respond positively to beautiful things.

Kusuma (name) /ku-su-ma/, a name derived from the Sanskrit word which generally means flower (yellow flowers). Kusuma is a unisex name, which means both boys and girls can have this name. Although the Kusuma name is not so popular, but it is widely used in India and Indonesia. Since it is derived from Sanskrit (India), Kusuma name mainly used by many Hindu religious people.