Oct 21, 2013

Force Fuel Injection - Yamaha

Yamaha - Force Fuel Injection
Around June 2013 ago, Yamaha Motor Indonesia released a new model motorcycle named: Force Fuel Injection. A 115 cc motorcycle, with manual transmission, and fuel injection systems. The concept of this product is: modern, efficient, powerful, and reliable in every activity.

Force Fuel Injection is designed for everyday use. Compact chassis makes it abler to reduce from vibration. Thanks to the injection system, fuel consumption becomes more efficient. Smooth characteristic engine gives a positive value, while the narrow seat makes it less comfortable when taking a long trip.

Body design accentuates the look, agility, and dynamic motion. There are seven color themes available: White Force, White Shadow, Red Active (Sporty theme - for teens who want to express themselves through dynamic graphics and color combinations), and Blue Energy, Black Action, White Power, Red Spirit (Elegant theme - for a high quality look).

On October 16, 2013, I bought this bike. As a sport bike rider, I needed some time to learn how to ride this bike.

I am actually a very careful rider. I've been a biker when I was 17 years old. I know the biggest danger on the road is another rider. I had suffered a motorcycle accident three times within a year. I know the importance of safety, while others may not care.

Oct 4, 2013

Cash Camel Payment September 2013

Cash Camel Payment September 2013
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Cash Camel Payment September 2013