Sep 17, 2013

Facebook Instant Personalization

Facebook Instant Personalization
Facebook and Bing are partnering to bring Facebook Instant Personalization into Bing search engine. Facebook is helping to personalize Bing web search, and help Social Bing to index public updates from Pages and personal profiles.

With this new integration, Facebook users will now be able to see friends that match their query in the search results. When users search for web pages, the search results will be accompanied by names and profile pictures of friends who have Liked the object listed in that result. These social recommendations help users find the links that are very relevant to them. Thus, the users will see news articles Liked by their friends which include in the search query.

Facebook Instant Personalization is built to help you find friends who have similar interests with you and to give you social experience in every application and website you use. Allows you to view relevant information about your friends.

These partner sites can only access the information and material that you have already made available to everyone. The list of websites that participate in Facebook Instant Personalization can be found here:

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