Aug 23, 2013

Facebook Developers

Facebook Developers
You may already familiar with applications on Facebook (such as Photos, Notes, Events and social web applications). Facebook Developers allows people to build social applications on Facebook and the web.

Facebook Developers provides a set of APIs and tools that allow 3rd party developers to integrate with Facebook. Facebook Developers now allows developers to integrate also on the web and devices.

Facebook Developers allows Facebook members to log onto third party websites, applications, mobile devices and gaming systems with their Facebook identity. When logged in, users can connect with friends through these media and post information or updates to their Facebook profile. Developers can use these services to help their users connect and share with their friends on Facebook. This will increase involvement for their website as well.

Integrating Facebook on your blog helps your blog more open, more social and personal. This gives you the opportunity to make connections, such as discovering what your friends Like and publish the story to your friends wall on Facebook. More friends mean more activity and more page views.

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