Jul 29, 2013

#Nokia 105 - Good Looking

Nokia 105
The Nokia 105 has a very good design: with a color screen, thick body, bright color, but it looks simple. If you are accustomed to using a phone with a big screen, then you will find this phone looks like a toy. However, when you look more closely, this phone looks great.

Nokia 105 has different from a regular phone keypad. It does not have a gap in between which will ensure that no dust or water left behind, and keep your phone to work properly. The back of the phone is made of black plastic, so it looks sturdy, and makes you feel confident to save it wherever you want.

The Nokia 105 is also equipped with a flashlight that will be very useful when you are in the dark or when there is no electricity. This flashlight is powerful enough to help you find your way out of a dark place.

The Nokia 105 has a battery that is more than enough for a phone that is only used for voice calls and text messages. It gives you up to 12.5 hours of talk time, you can even leave up to 35 days standby. This makes the Nokia 105 is perfect for long trips, especially if you go to a place where there is a power shortage, or places that have no power supply at all.

Menus and written text looks bigger and comfortable to read. The speakers are located on the back side, making the ring volume dropped dramatically, and you might miss a phone call. Besides speaker issues, this phone does not have a problem when it is used.

I use this phone only for voice calls, send text messages, and nothing else. I do not use the camera, Bluetooth, or even the internet to transfer anything. In my experience, the Nokia 105 could be the best when used as a second phone and not the main phone. The main reason why I say this is because of: low quality audio in a voice call, and the small screen. But if you run out of battery your primary phone, you can take this as a second phone. You will know the importance of this phone in an emergency.