Jun 9, 2013

Facebook Lists for Friends

Facebook Lists for Friends
Facebook Lists for Friends is a way to organize your friends list on Facebook. It make easier for you to find and organize your connections so you can filter the content you see from them on your home page. You can filter each activity separately on the home page.

When you visit the Friends Page, you will see tools that make it simple for you to find and connect with all the people. The easiest way to find friends on Facebook is searching your email address book. You'll be able to find all the people you connect with via email on Facebook.

To create and customize your own friend lists: go to the Friends Page. Click the Friends button on the front of the cover image to create a new list, enter a name for your list, and type the name of a friend in the right-side search field to add a friend to an existing list.

Once you've created your Facebook Friend Lists, you can use them all over the site. You can even filter the stream of stories on your home page by Friends Lists.

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