Feb 8, 2013

White Shepherd

White Shepherd dogs are direct descendants of the German Shepherd Dog, but White Shepherd Dog evolve constantly. As a companion dog, this dog has an exclusive and elegant color. Its intelligence and loyalty has made White Shepherd Dog as one of the versatile dog.

White Shepherd Dog has a medium size, muscular, slightly longer body, a white coat, erect ears, and have a natural tail. Having a hard physical, but it looks slim. Move forward with long strides.

Feb 5, 2013

Facebook Video

Facebook Video allows you to publish your videos on Facebook. Facebook supports high-quality video (even high definition) and high-quality audio. You can also embed your Facebook Videos on other websites. Just like photos, Facebook Videos can also be tagged and commented.

If you have a blog, personal site or business, you will be able to display all your videos on your site as well. You only need a computer that has the latest Adobe Flash Player to view and record video.

To post videos from YouTube or other video sites (external link) on your own or your friends wall, follow these steps:

  • Go to your profile or your friends profile and click on the Status tab
  • Type the links from external sites into the box
  • After adding a comment or make necessary changes, click Post to post a link to your own or your friends wall

Feb 4, 2013

Clicksia Payment January 2013

I am very happy because I just got paid by Clicksia this month. It took some time to get to the payout, but I finally did it. For the most part I did it by myself, and I feel it is more efficient if I had some referrals there. Initially, I was not sure and had thought they were scams. But when I got my payment, my doubt is gone. For those of you who are skeptical about them, they are definitely legit. I will definitely continue to click for them. This might not be about a lot of money, but at least you know where you should start.

You know, if I never read the articles about making money online, I probably would never have heard about Clicksia or other paid to click sites.

If you have any spare time left, I suggest you to try Clicksia. Kindly help me to stand out in the crowd by joining through the banner below, thanks.