Jan 24, 2013


Boerboel is a large breed of dog from South Africa who were bred for the purpose of guarding the house. When growing up (about 24 months), height of these dogs range from 60 - 70 cm, and adult weight between 50 to 80 kg. These dogs are often used as a first defense against the enemy. The farmers liked this dog because of its strength, agility, and courage while guarding their homes. Boerboel generally more severe than a Rottweiler or a Doberman, but not as high as the Great Dane.

Jan 21, 2013

Facebook Poke App

Facebook Poke features can be used for various things. For example, you can poke your friends to say hello. When you poke someone, they will receive poke alert at their home page.

Poke feature is intended to attract the attention of another user. Many Facebook users use this feature to attract attention or say "hello" to their friends.

Maybe there are some applications on Facebook that have the same idea with the poke feature. Some people consider it disturbing, others regard it as a form of the game, and still others just use it to waking up their friends to start posting updates again.

I think the general purpose of this feature was to say "hi" to your friends and let them know that you (are) on Facebook. What do you think?

Jan 14, 2013

Facebook Send Button

On around April 2011, Facebook launched the Facebook Send Button. Facebook Send Button allows users to send easily the blog content to their friends. Users will have the option to send the URL in the inbox messages to their Facebook friends, or as an email to the email address.

Facebook Send Button also allowing users to send a private message to some friends. The message will include a link to the URL, along with picture, titles, and a brief description of the link. You can decide what to display for the title, pictures and descriptions.

Facebook Send Button is the easiest way to share personal things with the groups and individuals through Facebook short messages. In fact, users do not need to leave a web page or fill out long forms anymore.

Facebook Send Button can easily be added to your blog. Click the link below to generate the code:

Jan 9, 2013

StumbleUpon Discovery Widget

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