Dec 23, 2012

Get paid to Scarlet Clicks

Scarlet Clicks is a website where members get paid to click, read ads, signup offers, and promote the site. The site was launched in April 2009. Here are some of the main benefits as a member that you might want to know before you make an investment in Scarlet Clicks (quoted from their site):

  • Paid to click - Click on ads and get paid for each up to $ 0.01
  • Paid to read - Read short ads and get paid for each up to $ 0.0025
  • Paid to sign up - Complete offers for free sites and receive 5 - 25 cents
  • Paid to promote - Promote the site and earn up to $ 0.20 CPM
  • The minimum payment is as low as $ 0.3 to your PayPal account, and you will receive your payment within 24 - 72 hours

Please note that the results obtained will vary. Depending on the amount of advertising, membership levels, number of referrals, and other factors that may affect the amount you get with this site.

Overall, Scarlet Clicks is a safe site to use. So far, no major problems or complaints from users. Patience is the key, take your time to read before you click, and you will not have difficulties.

As I am new to the site, I will continue to monitor. If I find important information regarding this site, I will be happy to share in this blog.

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