Dec 5, 2012

Dog Nibbling Behavior

A pet dog which has a habit of nibbling can make a mess at home. It is usually very annoying. Nibbling is the hallmark of a dog. There are various reasons why dogs nibble. They may do this when they are away from their owners for a long time, lonely, looking for attention, or teething. Dogs usually nibble on almost everything, including: shoes, socks and even home furnishings.

The first way which may be the most effective way to fix the problem of dog nibbling behavior are preventive measures. Placing your stuff out of reach of dogs is a great start to begin. Give them toys that are suitable for dogs. This will help them distinguish between what may and what is not to be bitten. Simple method above is very helpful for the owners, to stop nibbling behavior in dogs. Dog obedience training is another alternative. You can register your dog on dog obedience training program.

Bad dog behavior can significantly aggravating the owner and can even be dangerous for the dog itself.

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