Nov 29, 2012

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Nov 8, 2012

Dog Sports

Dog Sports are sports activities for dogs, or sporting activities involving dogs. There are many types of sports for dogs, the most common are:

  • - Agility Competition. Dog agility is a sport where a handler directs a dog through the obstacles in the race of time, and accuracy. Dogs run with or without a leash. Consequently, the handler takes control of dog movement.
  • - Catching Ball. In this competition, dogs compete in catching the ball (in catching the ball, the dog can use a free style). This sport allows the dog and handler to work together.
  • - Jump Competition. This is a dog sport where dogs compete for longest distance jump, or jump the highest distance. Techniques, a dog jumps at the end of the line. Dogs that have the farthest leap, or has the highest jump is the winner.
  • - Dog Racing. Dogs chasing bait on the track until they reach the finish line. Dogs who arrived first is the winner.
  • - Tracking. Tracking is the practice of looking for something, usually looking for the hidden ball.
  • - Fashion Shows. Fashion show is a kind of dog show where the judges evaluate how attractive attributes that are worn by the dog. It can be challenging, because the assessment must be objective.

Nov 4, 2012

Social Fixer for Facebook

Undeniable that the social network has a large user base. If you are a person who has a Facebook account, and hoping to be able to customize the look of your Facebook account, or want more control over appearance of your Facebook profile, then the Social Fixer for Facebook is that you may be looking for.

Social Fixer for Facebook is a browser extension that can improve your Facebook: by adding a tab news feeds, the ability to filter feed (hide trash, so you can concentrate on what is most important or interesting), change the theme (allows you to personalize the profile), a thumbnail preview, notification, improve navigation, and others. Social Fixer for Facebook also provides useful options like the ability to customize the links that appear on the left of the page to provide easy access to applications and pages the most frequently used. There are many settings that can be applied in various combinations to personalize your social network to your liking, and this can actually be used to change the look of your Facebook.

You can find out more or look at all the new features, documentation, screenshots, and download a free copy of the browser extension by visiting the Social Fixer for Facebook page.