Sep 27, 2012

PTCBox Payment September 2012

I recently received a payment from PTCBox and thought that I should make a post about my first impressions of this site. As you know, PTCBox owned and operated by the same owners of Matrix Mails. This is what made me decide to join the PTCBox. As a free member, you can earn up to 0.5 cents per ad, and the minimum payout limit is $ 1 for the first three payments to new members.

My first impression of PTCBox is very positive, and this is my first payment from this site:

I hope, this post will help you in making a decision whether you will join PTCBox, or not.


Sep 18, 2012

Basic Dog Training

Basic Dog TrainingBasic Dog Training is one of the most important step you can take to ensure a strong bond between you and your dog, as well as for the safety of your own pet dog. The "sit" command is one of the first commands that you should teach to your dog, because most of the other commands will start from a sitting position. For example the "stay", "heel", and "down" commands is usually given after the dog is in a sitting position. In combination with the reality, the "sit" command is one of the most frequently used commands to your dog. There may be many reasons why the "sit" command is needed in training. So, by teaching your dog the "sit" command is a good start to begin training.

Basic training for dogs is not just about your dog that does what you instructed, but it is about bonding with your dog, which makes your dog happy to please you. This in turn will make the owners happy with their dog for behaving well, so build a stronger bond between dog and owner. Trained dogs are safe, healthy dogs that showed no signs of aggression. In the end, this basic training will make you, your family and your dog happy.

Sep 16, 2012

Facebook Video Calling

Facebook Video Calling Video chat has become the most requested feature in recent years. Facebook partners with Skype has a feature called: Video Calling. Facebook Video Calling allows you to talk to your friends, face to face. You can see when your friends are online on Facebook and enjoy video calls when you and your friends are logged into Facebook.

Maybe for now, Video Call is the coolest way to communicate on Facebook. You only need a Facebook account to be able to call your friends for free, and you can even chat with a group of your Facebook friends. When you browse to your friend's profile, then you will see a new button that says 'Call'. By clicking it, your friends will see a popup asking if they want to receive the call or ignore it. If you and your friend has a webcam and microphone, you will be able to see and hear each other in real time. If you call your friends who do not have a webcam, then they will be able to see and hear you, but you will only hear them.

Actually, this feature has been rumored for a long time, and now video calling is available for all users. If you want to try (if available), you can get it by clicking the following link:

Sep 13, 2012 Nomad Widget


Sep 5, 2012

Incentria Payment September 2012

Incentria Payment September Some time ago, I've been posting about Incentria (the sister site of Clicksia). A new era of Aurora Paid To Click site that is organized, with a low minimum payout and many ads available to click for standard members, even for free members.

This is my first payment from Incentria:

Incentria Payment September 2012 So far, they have not disappointed me with their services. Sounds cool huh? Check out their site and start earning today with Incentria. Click here to join Incentria, and happy clicking.