Aug 10, 2012

Black And Tan Coonhound

Black And Tan CoonhoundBlack and Tan Coonhound is a type of hunting dog that was developed for working conditions in the United States. The name comes from their usability, that is hunting raccoon. These dogs were developed and selected for a sharp sense of smell, the ability to track and pursue prey. A good Black and Tan Coonhound will bark and keep the prey until the hunter arrives. Besides raccoons, Black and Tan Coonhound is also very good for hunting other prey if trained properly.

Courage of Black and Tan Coonhound also make it proficient in hunting deer, bear and other large prey. The general impression at this dog is on strength, agility, and alertness, as well as the ability to hunt quickly. Uniquely, this dog has a distinctive sound that can be recognized by the owner from a distance.

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