May 24, 2012

LinkGrand - Get Paid To Visit Websites

LinkGrand - Get Paid To Visit WebsitesLinkGrand is paid to click program that allows members to earn money by clicking the advertiser links and visit their websites. You will get $ 0.003 for every link you click. So, for every ten links equal to three cents ($ 0.03).

There are also a referral program that can help members improve their incomes. You can get more money by referring other members to this program. You will receive 30% of the income they make by clicking the link. You must have a valid PayPal account, and earn at least $ 5.00 to cash out. All payments will be sent within 24 hours.

The program is fairly easy to join, you simply provide some basic information and confirm your email address. Other paid to click programs allow members to buy or rent referrals through them, but LinkGrand is not offering this service. The reason they give for leaving this option is: purchased or rented referrals tend to be much less effective than referral were recruited by members, and most members agreed with this opinion.

This site has been online since February, 2007. Overall, I think that LinkGrand seems to have a very good reputation among people who use the program paid to click to make extra money, and this is also not a "get rich quick program".

If you have experience with LinkGrand, or if you find mistakes in the information above, please feel free to share and tell me in the comments section.

LinkGrand - Get Paid To Visit Websites

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