Apr 28, 2012

AdHitz - Advertising Network For All Budgets

AdHitz - Advertising Network For All BudgetsAdHitz is an ad network for users who want to enhance their online presence with a graphical banner and text ads, along with publishers who want to monetize their blogs / web sites. AdHitz make it easier to buy and sell online banner and text ads, giving advertisers and publishers transparency and control. Creating a simple ad market, and more effective for advertisers and publishers of all sizes.

AdHitz allows website owners and bloggers to transform their ordinary traffic into income. If you are the owner of the blog or website (which you have access to edit the HTML), this might be something you might want to try.

As Publisher of AdHitz, you just need to add your blog / site to their database. Then you create advertising zones, set the price and type of advertising. AdHitz system will then produce a piece of HTML code to place on your web / blog page. The code allows advertisers to show ads of advertisers on your website or blog, thus changing your blog / site into a money making machine. Once the code is placed, their ad network will soon start appearing on your pages. When your account reaches the minimum payout you selected, your payment can be sent to PayPal account.

Many people have good experiences using this site, since a lot of advertising networks do not accept PTC ads or incentive websites, so this may be a good alternative to AdSense. Finally, I thought this would be a simple solution for those who want to get exposure.

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