Mar 29, 2012

Facebook Top Story

Facebook Top Story Lately, there are a lot of changes on Facebook, especially the News Feed. If you are logged into Facebook, you will see stories highlighted at the top of the News Feed (marked with blue corner). The story highlighted determined based on many factors, including your relationship with the person who posted the story, how many comments, how many 'likes', what kind of story, etc. The new News Feed, automatically updated with what has been happening with your friends. It will feature stories that have happened since your last sign-in.

You can add or remove the highlights of a story. If you see something not interesting in the highlighted story, then click the arrow on the right side of the story, and click "Remove Highlight" from the menu.

Facebook is also adding a 'ticker' on the right side of the News Feed, so you can more quickly read the various updates and activities of your friends in real time.

Mar 27, 2012

Hits4Pay Advertising Network

Hits4Pay Advertising NetworkHits4Pay is internet advertising network that allows you to make money online and earn money online with ease. The advertisers in Hits4Pay willing to pay you for reading their promotional emails and visiting their website.

Well, there are many paid to read programs out there and they all offer virtually the same opportunities and incentives. The way Hits4Pay works is by connecting advertisers with audiences (people who are looking for ways to generate revenue through the internet). They do this by paying members for every email they read and for every ad they click. As a member, you will receive at least about two to three emails per day. The email ad did not go to your email address, but only an email alert sent to your email address.

In Hits4Pay, most people focus on the referral. In my experience, the recruitment of new members is the hardest part. I've talked to several members of the Hits4Pay, and they also found it difficult to recruit new members.

Hits4Pay Advertising Network From talking to colleagues and other members, I conclude that Hits4Pay is not a fraudulent site. You will not get rich with this site (especially without referrals), as it will take time to cash out. At the very least, Hits4Pay can help you get extra pocket money. If you join for a free account today, Hits4Pay will give you a five dollar bonus directly into your account.

Mar 20, 2012

What Makes Incentria Different?

What Makes Incentria DifferentIncentria is a paid to click site where you get paid to click, complete offers, and to perform many routine tasks (similar to other paid to click sites). This site has been online since 2008 and seems to pay without significant problems. Incentria claim to have years of experience in the paid to click programs, evidently Incentria has a good reputation in keeping the members happy (reliable payment, quick support, and good reliability website).

Incentria Currently, Incentria attracted much attention from people who want to make some extra cash. As a member of Incentria, you have to do simple things like: read the ad, sign up for a variety of membership, and refer others to do the same. As compensation for your activity, you will be paid between a few cents to a dollar.

This site does not claim that you will make lots of money, or making unreasonable promises. This site also has a solid reputation and has made good on their payments to their members. Overall, you will not lose anything by trying it. Are you ready to start making money online with little effort? Maybe Incentria is a site that you can trust. If you are interested, join Incentria today, and start getting real experience making money online now.

Mar 12, 2012

External Ear Infection In Dogs

External Ear Infection In DogsExternal Otitis (external ear infection) in dogs known as inflammation of the ear canal (with or without infection). This can be showed when the dog started shaking his head constantly and scratch his ears.

There are several factors why otitis develop in some dogs, some of which are factors such as: shape of the ear, systemic disease (eg: hormone imbalance), and environmental factors. Factors such as these usually are not directly the cause of ear problems in dogs. However, there are also certain factors that can exacerbate ear problems. These include bacteria as a fundamental cause.

To keep your dog from otitis, you will need to consult with your veterinarian to focus on finding out what the main cause. In most cases there is usually an underlying allergy such as: food, environment, or both. However, other factors such as hormonal imbalances can also be a major cause. As a Dog Lover, you will certainly benefit from a routine inspection of your dog's ears. Inspect and clean your dog's ears regularly (once or twice a week) to avoid a worsening infection.

Mar 10, 2012

Google Plus Tab For Facebook Pages

Google Plus Tab For Facebook Pages If you feel tired to open Google Plus every time just to check for updates, then there is an application that may be suitable for you. This is known as the Google Plus Tab For Facebook Pages. This application lets you automatically import your Google Plus streaming to the Facebook Page and this application can even easily take any Google Plus public stream or feed to your Facebook Page tab.

To run this application, you first have to decide what Facebook Page you want to add. You only need to enter your Google and Facebook account login details. Next, you need your Google Plus Profile ID, which is contained in the URL of your Google Plus. Copy and paste the code into the Admin Settings.

Then you will be asked how much activity you wish to view. Five or ten might be the perfect number for you. Once completed, this tab will display the most recent posts from your Google Plus. If you want to reconfigure the settings, you can easily click the Admin Settings button in the upper right of your tab.

Let's see an example of Google Plus Tab For Facebook Pages on my fan page by clicking the following link:

Mar 9, 2012 Traffic Exchange

EasyHits4U All Adgitize Bloggers may now wondering, what to do with the loss of Adgitize. I am sure that many of us still looking for alternative methods to increase traffic to our blog. Almost every time I surf the web, I tried to find some alternative networks that can bring visitors to my blog. I admit, I really enjoy good relations among bloggers in the Adgitize network as a remarkable interaction.

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