Dec 24, 2011

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays Before we were late, we would like to thank all the partners, associates, followers, and especially our readers who make 2011 more meaningful. We still have lots of fun things planned for you next year. If you have a spare time, please stop by our blog.

Merry Christmas, and a happy and healthy new year 2012.

- DedeAndro Weblog

Dec 14, 2011

Google Plus Pages

Google Plus Pages Google Plus Pages is very similar to Google Plus Profile. It is basically also similar to Facebook Fan Pages, that give the user the opportunity to claim a profile on social networks so that they can interact and engage with their customers and fans. Google Plus Pages interact similar to Google Plus Profile, users can add people to the circle, edit their profiles, share things, comments and photos on Google Plus.

Google Plus Pages provides business, products, brands, and organization with an online identity. This page can be made to one of five categories: Product or Brand; Company, Institution or Organization; Local Business or region; Arts, Entertainment or Sports; and Others. This allows any business (big or small) an opportunity to use the profile services, such as: communicate and interact with consumers on Google Plus.

Google also released a new way to search for a business profile from Google Plus on the main Google search page, and it's called Direct Connect. Only by putting a "+" before the business name you want to find in the search box, then you will be brought to the page (if page exists). Linking your pages and your blog is useful because it helps you in touch with friends, fans, and your customers. Indirectly this will help Google determine the keyword relevancy of your blog with search results on Google Search.

To link your Google Plus Pages with your blog, add your Google Plus Pages badge to your blog. To add a badge, please grab the snippet code at:

Paste the code you get into your blog's HTML template, and your blog automatically connected to your page.

Dec 5, 2011

About.Me Page

About.Me Page Many of us have multiple online profiles scattered in a variety of services, including popular social networking sites such as: Google Plus, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. One problem we often face is how to gather all this information together in one single identity (whether it's for personal use, or for a professional online profile).

There is a service that you might like, About.Me. As a site that offers a simple platform that connects multiple online identities and relevant external sites, About.Me allows you to quickly build dynamic personal profile pages that are visually simple and elegant to show visitors your content from around the web. About.Me looks make this service as simple as possible and do it with a beautiful view. It is characterized by great artistic background image on each profile page, as well as a brief biography that allows you to write all about you.

Click the link below to go to my profile on About.Me: