Nov 26, 2011

The Mozart Effect

Regardless of the right or wrong opinion, a brain research shows that listening to classical music every day for the babies can make them grow smarter. Other studies also showed that listening to Mozart's music can stimulate the brain's performance to work more optimally. This is often called The Mozart Effect.

In fact, listening to classical music can soothe your baby, it can even increase the natural intelligence after listening to Mozart. It's been proven again and again that classical music can have a very positive effect on your baby's development. With Mozart, you will help your baby's development and at the same time can create a relaxing environment in your home.

After searching for some time on the internet, I found two albums Mozart for babies available for download, Wombsong Collection Mozart and Mozart for Toddlers. To get a free Mozart for your baby, please visit the Munchkin Mozart Downloads and scroll down until you see information about the album. You can choose to download the entire album, in part, or individual tracks and save them to your computer. You can play it with a music player on your computer, move it to your iPod, or wherever it's convenient for your baby or toddler to enjoy it.

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