Nov 5, 2011

Gmail New Look

Gmail New Look For Gmail users, you may notice that Gmail is a little different lately. That because Google is testing a new look for their web-based email client in order to become simpler and enjoyable. Now, the new interface is available to all Gmail users. Your account will be automatically upgraded to the new look soon. But if you do not want to wait, you can switch to a new look by clicking Switch to the new look.

The Gmail New Look also includes new themes (personally, I am not a fan of Gmail themes). The new theme allows you to customize the look and feel of your Gmail account. Most of the new themes designed by artists, and background images provided by iStockphoto.

Looking at the changes in the new look of Gmail, I think that Google is now being focused on user convenience. The major change area is on the options tool bar, search feature, the use of labels, as well as the new user interface look slender. Navigation panel on the left is also more customizable, you can even resize the navigation area by clicking and dragging the arrow keys up or down.

Watch the following video to get an overview of the improvements:

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