Sep 18, 2011

CMFAds Cashout September 2011

CMFAds Cashout September 2011 Update: CMF Ads to Close in October 2011.

It is nice when we can advertise our blog for free, and at the same cash-out a few bucks. CMFAds just sent me $9,00 USD to my PayPal. I have been a member CMFAds for some time, and I registered my two blogs there. As a CMFAds member, we can advertise through Spikes Ads, Fireworks Ads, and Campaigns Ads.

CMFAds Cashout September 2011

Recently, CMFAds introducing Atomic Ads, which allows us to purchase a network ad, along with a Firework Ad, at a discount price. I usually do not withdraw my income in CMFAds because I only use it to buy Spikes Ads, and Firework Ads. But last month, I think the cash-out will be good, so I asked to cash out some of my income, and leave some to buy Spikes Ads and Fireworks Ads. Although cash-out is not instant, but I am sure the admin will pay you.

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