Sep 1, 2011

Apple iPod Shuffle

Apple iPod Shuffle This is my new iPod, Apple iPod Shuffle. I get this last week as a gift when I won the ALPO Testimonials Contest for their dog food products. Apple iPod Shuffle is very small but it allows you to store hundreds of songs that you can take it everywhere. The design and colors are beautiful, sleek, polished aluminum, solid and durable.

Apple iPod Shuffle has a battery life up to about 15 hours. Two GB storage capacity, allowing you to store hundreds of songs and various playlists. Apple iPod Shuffle is not only portable, but it can clip to a shirt, jacket, sports gear, backpacks, purse straps and do not even need a large space.

Control pad on the front of the Apple iPod Shuffle makes it easier to view and use music controls. The center button to play and pause, the outer buttons to skip forward or backward, and adjust the volume. Flip the switch to the left to hear the music in a random way. Flip the switch to the middle to hear the songs in sequence. Flip the switch to the right to turn off your Apple iPod Shuffle.

Apple iPod Shuffle 2 GB

For me, the idea of ​​having a small iPod is very cool. Overall, this product is suitable for people who work outside. It's easier to clip to a shirt, pants, or whatever. Glossy color is really beautiful and so far, it works fine for me.


  1. hi andrew how are you?

  2. My sister is wishing to have an iPod.
    Wow, you have a nice one.

  3. So, it can be said that I was a lucky one to have it now :)

  4. thanks informations.........

  5. Nice... musta na?

    Have added you on my blogroll... Hope you can visit it... :D 

  6. I have visited your blog and thanks for adding my blog in your blogroll :)

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