Jul 24, 2011

Conduit Community Toolbar

Conduit Community Toolbar Conduit enables web publishers to create and publish community toolbar, summarizing the content and can be used everywhere, from the browser, the website, as well as mobile devices. The platform is free, no hidden costs, secure, sophisticated, yet easy to use.

Almost anything you can place on your website / blog, can also be used on community toolbar. Applications that can be added include: content, gadgets, feeds, social media tools, personal account data, games, services, links, and more. Publishers can distribute their applications directly or via the online application directory Conduit.

Conduit community toolbars are available in 17 languages, it has a notification so that you can send messages in real time to your users, and it is also incomplete because it has a search box to ensure your users have the instant access to a web search (powered by Bing)

Recently, Conduit took a big step in its evolution by acquiring Wibiya. Wibiya allows publishers to integrate the popular web applications into your blog / site, and share content freely. It provides a comprehensive solution, and create an exciting experience for users.

Jul 14, 2011

Adgitize Publisher Payment June 2011

Adgitize Publisher Payment June 2011 Adgitize not only help you make money online, but also helps a lot in promoting your blog to get more visitors and perhaps attract potential new readers. It also allows advertisers to find your blog through Adgitize network.

Adgitize Publisher Payment June 2011

I recently received $ 30.23 USD from Adgitize. Adgitize really worth a try, because Adgitize drive more traffic to this blog. If you want to get more traffic to your blog, you can become a publisher and advertiser in Adgitize. You can try it now by clicking the following link to begin:

Adgitize Publisher Payment June 2011

Jul 3, 2011

Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes Apple iTunes is a free application for your PC that makes you easy to enjoy, manage, and add a collection of audio and video wherever you are (whether you are at home or on trips).

Apple iTunes allows you to store conveniently, manage all your digital media collection, add content to iPod, iPhone, or IPAD, even play music and videos on your computer. Because all the files stored on your computer, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, then you will be able to easily sync the content on your device with the online content available at Apple. It has the everything you need for entertainment, anywhere and anytime.

When you want to watch or listen to something without stopping, you no longer have to look through the CD. Simple things you can do is turn on your computer and open Apple iTunes with just one click. In fact, you can browse everything faster, and easier to arrange everything according to your mood.

Whatever you download (whether music or videos) from Apple iTunes site, it will soon be added to your Apple iTunes library. You can organize your music collection into a playlist in one or more libraries, edit file information, record Compact Discs, copying files to digital audio players, run a visualizer to display graphical effects when playing music, and encode music into different audio formats. In addition, there are many options for free internet radio stations to be heard.