May 14, 2011

IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

IMDb (Internet Movie Database) Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is a collection of online information about the greatest movies, best movies, and award-winning movies. The company is managed by Amazon. IMDb initially only as a hobby by a group of international movie fans. But in reality now, they are able to provide a catalog of all the relevant details about the movie, from the trivial things until the full review of a movie (which includes: television shows, actors, production crew personnel, video games and fictional characters.) This information can be easily searchable and accessible on their site.

Until recently, the Internet Movie Database is one of the most popular and most comprehensive information sources for movies, TV, entertainment programs, and information about celebrities.


  1. The IMDb is a great movie database, review, preview and many more..
    i love this site.

  2. yups..
    IMDB selalu menjadi acuan saya sebelum menonton suatu film..
    tetapi memang kadang2 agak berat bahasa2nya..

  3. watch the trailler and read the review of movies before going to the theatre.

  4. good info, and where can i get template like yours


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