May 29, 2011

Google Two-Step Verification

Google Two-Step Verification The problem of the default authentication relies on something that is often easy to guess or rely on something the user knows. Many users rely on weak passwords. Many of them also rely on the same user names and passwords to protect all of their account (for example: they just create a single password to log in throughout their online accounts)

Like the incident that I experienced. This past month, I feel that my Gmail account has been hijacked. This can be seen on my last activity report on my Gmail account. I really panicked when I saw this. But I was very lucky when I found Google Two-Step Verification for all my Google account.

Google Two-Step Verification added a security to Google account and require you to have a username and password and access to your phone when you sign in. This means that if someone steal or guess your password, hijackers are still unable to sign in to your account because they do not have your cell phone.

This is an additional step that significantly improve the security of your Google account. It is highly recommended. So from now on, protect your Google account from the hijackers. Set up will only take about 15 minutes. Please click the link below to get started:

Setup Google Two-Step Verification


  1. wowww..
    nampaknya langkah ini langsung diikuti oleh Facebook deh...

  2. you're right. google will send security numbers to verify and log  in to your acc with 2 ways sms or voice. I'm using voice for more secure.

  3. I'm using voice verification as an alternative option if only Google is unable to send verification code to my phone.

  4. google 2 steps is indeed very useful for dual protection. but if it stays on the plow, is this the fault of a weak system?


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