May 29, 2011

Google Two-Step Verification

Google Two-Step Verification The problem of the default authentication relies on something that is often easy to guess or rely on something the user knows. Many users rely on weak passwords. Many of them also rely on the same user names and passwords to protect all of their account (for example: they just create a single password to log in throughout their online accounts)

Like the incident that I experienced. This past month, I feel that my Gmail account has been hijacked. This can be seen on my last activity report on my Gmail account. I really panicked when I saw this. But I was very lucky when I found Google Two-Step Verification for all my Google account.

Google Two-Step Verification added a security to Google account and require you to have a username and password and access to your phone when you sign in. This means that if someone steal or guess your password, hijackers are still unable to sign in to your account because they do not have your cell phone.

This is an additional step that significantly improve the security of your Google account. It is highly recommended. So from now on, protect your Google account from the hijackers. Set up will only take about 15 minutes. Please click the link below to get started:

Setup Google Two-Step Verification

May 14, 2011

IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

IMDb (Internet Movie Database) Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is a collection of online information about the greatest movies, best movies, and award-winning movies. The company is managed by Amazon. IMDb initially only as a hobby by a group of international movie fans. But in reality now, they are able to provide a catalog of all the relevant details about the movie, from the trivial things until the full review of a movie (which includes: television shows, actors, production crew personnel, video games and fictional characters.) This information can be easily searchable and accessible on their site.

Until recently, the Internet Movie Database is one of the most popular and most comprehensive information sources for movies, TV, entertainment programs, and information about celebrities.

May 4, 2011

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight is a Microsoft technology that aims to help developers create rich interactive web applications, with the best user interface features and functionality. This is basically very similar to Flash. Currently, there are some sites that require you to have Silverlight installed on your computer in order to watch the embedded video.

Silverlight is free and available as a plugin for almost all popular browsers available today, and it is used to deliver next-generation media and web applications. Currently, the latest version of Silverlight support multimedia, graphics and animation, and provides developer support and tools development.

Indeed, Silverlight has many functions, but for now, this is not available for standard Web applications. Typical examples of rich applications are online document editor and image processor. Here, Silverlight was developed to assist developers to develop rich interactive applications for the web.