Feb 21, 2011

Twitter New Design

Twitter New Design Recently, Twitter introduced a new design that aims to provide easier, faster, and richer experience for its users. As you can see when you are logged on Twitter, the whole thing has changed. I just activate it on my page, and it looks very amazing. My initial impression is: this is a major upgrade, but it also means that I have to get used to it and learn a few new features of Twitter.

When I tried the new version of Twitter, there are some changes that I noticed about the new Twitter:

# Twitter now has a simple time-line with infinite scroll. So, no longer have to click "more" to read previous tweets. Panel details remain in the right side bar.
# Embedded photos and videos (such as: Flickr and YouTube) can be easily seen directly in the right panel.
# If you click tweets on the time-line, the details pane will show you additional information related to the content of the tweet.

That is the interesting thing that I found so far, and this video made by Twitter to introduce the new features to its users:

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