Feb 15, 2011


Dog Dogs are mammals that have undergone domestication of wolves. The dog has developed into a wide range of variations. Dog hair color is varied, ranging from white, black, red, gray, and brown. In addition, dogs have different hair types, ranging from very short to long. Dog hair can be straight or curly, with rough or soft texture.

Dogs are social animals. This is the same as humans. Proximity patterns of human behavior with dogs, making them can be trained, played with, lived with humans, and easy to socialize with humans and other dogs. Dogs have a unique position in the relationship among species. Loyalty and devotion, shown dogs are very similar to the human concept of love and friendship. Dog owners usually appreciate the loyalty and devotion of a dog, so they sometimes regard it as a family member. In fact, dogs are often given the same last name as the name of the owner. Conversely, dogs think humans as members of the group. Dogs sometimes cannot distinguish between the position of the owner, with the other dogs in one group, and dogs often do not distinguish at all.

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