Feb 14, 2011

Adgitize Publisher Payment January 2011

Adgitize Publisher Payment This is my eighth payment as a publisher and an advertiser in the Adgitize network. This is my payment proof:

Adgitize sent you $17,55 USD

Note from Adgitize:

Thank you for being a Publisher / Affiliate in the Adgitize Ad Network. This is payment for January 2011 Affiliate services and / or accumulated months as a publisher showing Adgitize Ads. Thank you, Ken Brown, Adgitize. Adgitize Publisher Payment January 2011

I started to join the network Adgitize around December 2008 and so far I really enjoy the benefits provided by Adgitize to my blog. The most important thing for me is Adgitize has helped increase traffic to my blog, and it really works. Another benefit is that I can get and meet so many new friends.

Well, if you want to get a large amount of traffic to your blog, then I suggest you to check Adgitize and become an advertiser on their network. It is only $ 14 per month. Quite cheap right? If you do not already have an account at Adgitize or you want to join their ad network, then you can click on the image below:

Adgitize your web site.


  1. adgitize is good blog advert site, ad cost is worth the traffic.

  2. i never earned that much on adgitize so i remove the widget on my blog. do you have tips?

  3. You'll find lots of simple tips if you join their forum


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